Prevon have developed a software package, the "ROTACOM – Basic", that caters for stock control of parts in a vertical carousel. This software combined with the carousel computer will keep an accurate account of all components held in the carousel, and will have the ability to keep a record of the location of each individual part, together with the respective quantity of each part. The stock status of each part can be requested on demand by keying in the appropriate command.


This "ROTACOM Basic" system has been designed to serve either as a stand alone system or, alternatively, as a system that is interfaced to a host computer system, which electronically transmits its picking slip requests to the carousel computer for execution.


The picking of parts using "ROTACOM – Basic" occurs as part numbers are individually entered on the keyboard of the carousel terminal, and subsequently picked. Or more commonly, the parts are picked by entering the details of picking slips that may each list many different parts with varying quantities. Once all picking slips are entered, "ROTACOM – Basic" is asked to perform a "critical path analysis", this being the optimum or shortest route for rotation to take place. Upon completion of this sorting order, which only takes milliseconds, "ROTACOM – Basic" is ready to access all of the picking slips, one at a time. It will either choose the most suitable route to achieve the minimum rotation, or it can pick according to an operator-nominated picking slip selection. This picking sequence will continue until all picking slips are completed, or until the operator places the picking routine temporarily on hold.


When the picking sequence is on hold, "ROTACOM – Basic" can perform an interrupt pick, which will enable the operator to pick an urgently required part or, perhaps, a whole picking slip that may have priority.


The restocking is most commonly done in reverse order to that of the picking order. This means that the parts are restocked into the carousel by either keying in the part number or striking the part identification barcode with a barcode scanner, if this option is installed on the carousel.