Train Station Safety Systems

Safety Barriers/Doors

Suicide Barriers and Doors have been designed with the view to minimizing, if not eliminating, the occurrence of an attempted suicide. The doors are fully automated and they open only after the train doors have opened.

Gap Excluder (GapEx)

The Gap Excluder (GapEx) has been designed in order to eliminate the gap that exists between the train and the platform. GapEx is a fully automated system that extends after the train’s arrival and retracts after all commuters have boarded.

Disabled Train Access Facility

The automated Disabled Access Ramp has been designed for disabled persons who are either using a wheel chair or are simply unable to climb up the step between platform and train floor. It also assists people with prams/pushers to get onto a train with ease.

Elements considered when developing the Safety System for a Train Platform

  • Elimination of suicide attempts.
  • Minimisation of time delays caused by getting on and off the train.
  • Provision of a safe and convenient access point for disabled travellers, parents with prams and the elderly who struggle to get up the step.
  • Provision of a NO-GAP environment where commuters cannot fall into, or get trapped in, the gap between the train and the platform.
  • Prevention of pram roll-offs from the platform and accidental commuter falls off the edge of the platform .
  • Automation & safety light curtains.
  • Necessity to cater for the different types of train, as they generally do not have door positions in the same place.
  • Ease of maintenance of the GapEx mechanism.
  • Ease of disassembly of screens, if required, for platform maintenance or upgrades.