Carousel Control System



  • It will keep an accurate account of all stock kept in the carousel, providing that stock data entry of part number, description and barcode is maintained by the operator.
  • It will keep an accurate account of all stock kept outside the carousel, stock that is located in a remote location, such as shelving or racking.
  • It will carry out a "Queue" Pick, which is designed to select a number of items in any order and then proceed to pick these items in a logical "short path" manner, minimising the rotation of the carousel, thus saving valuable time.
  • It will create a Picking Slip, or a number of picking slips, which can then be selectively picked.
  • It will cater for Multiple Storage Locations (Dynamic Storage Locations), which are designed to cater for fluctuations in stock holding. When one bin location is full and no more stock can be placed into this location, a new and unique location is created for the identical part. This process can be repeated as many times as necessary.
  • It will cater for FIFO (First In First Out), which means that a date of entry is automatically created with each stock entry, disallowing old stock to be mixed with new stock. This facility will ensure that oldest stock is always used first, followed by the newer stock, when old stock is completely depleted.
  • It will cater for stock "Use-By-Date" entry, which will yield a report on demand of all stock that has gone beyond the specified use by date.
  • It will cater for picking of Multiple Picking Slips. This function utilises the Electronic Smart Pack Bench, which enables a large number of picking slips to be picked all at the same time, thus minimising the carousel rotation, and saving valuable time.
  • It will provide valuable Marketing Functions that cater for the inclusion of component cost. This enables the creation of Reports of Cost of Item, together with a Total Cost per Item, taking into account the total quantity per item. A total cost for all items located in the carousel is also given. The individual cost per item, together with a total cost for all items for all other locations outside of the carousel, is also provided.
  • A Usage Report, together with a Usage Graph, is created for all parts. These can be created by Week, by Month and by Year. This facility provides the necessary tools to be able to carry out forecasting, catering for seasonal and other stock fluctuations.
  • It will create a Report of all Picking Slips and their status, whether picked or not. It will also indicate whether a Picking Slip has priority or not.
  • It will create Reports of Stock Holding by Location, by Part Number and by Description.
  • The Talk Pack will announce the relevant details of each pick, minimising the necessity for the operator to view the screen at all times, thus saving valuable time.
  • It will enable the carousel software to be interfaced with a mainframe computer system or a PC based network for two way communication.
  • It will enable the Printing of Labels for each individual picked item or for individual picking slips.