Vertical Carousels

What is the ROTA-STOR 2000 Vertical Carousel?

A high technology method of storage that utilizes vertical space instead of expensive horizontal floor space.

A time-saving storage system that virtually eliminates floor walking to pick stock, i.e. the stored items are transported to the operator/storeperson rather than the operator having to take him/herself to a fixed storage location.

A totally computer controlled storage facility that secures and monitors product movement through its advanced stock control software.

Advantages of the ROTA-STOR 2000 Vertical Carousel

Space saving of up to 80% of floor space compared with horizontal (low level) shelving/racking. All the available space between floor and ceiling can be fully utilized.

Picking speed is increased through:

  • the elimination of "floor walk" picking.
  • the elimination of the need for visual selection of components.
  • the presentation of the required product in one place in a logical way.
  • OH & S benefits are further satisfied by the product being delivered at an easy lift height. This eliminates reaching and stooping during product picking.

Increased accuracy of picking through the computerised inventory control system, and the logic based picking order, using the "short-path" method of picking. One example indicates 99.98% accuracy over 1000 items picked.