1.   Computer Control System (CCS).

2.   Customised “ROTACOM – Basic” software to manage the carousel stock holding and its movement.

3.   Customised “ROTACOM – Advanced” software for communication management between the carousel and an existing computer system.

4.   Customised “ROTACOM – Advanced MULTIPICK” (RAM) software that allows 10 or more orders to be picked simultaneously, to dramatically improve the efficiency and speed of picking. The number of orders that are to be picked will depend on the number of locations that the “Smart Packing Bench” will be equipped with.

5.   “ROTACOM” interface to customer’s existing computer system.

6.   “ROTACOM” interface to label printers and office printers.

7.   “ROTACOM” interface to electronic scales.

8.   “ROTACOM” interface to bar code readers and equipment.

9.    “Talkpack” – the talking carousel that will announce the location, quantity and many more messages, allowing the operator to have a more pleasant working environment and, more importantly, be able to pick more quickly.

10.   Facility to stop at every shelf rather than at every carrier.

11.   Bin indicating lights located along the length of the loading bench.

12.   Picking quantity displayed in front of the specific part to be picked as well as quantity displayed on the monitor.

13.   Multiple access points, front and rear operation, or multi-floor access points, used for conveying of components between levels.

14.   Automated doors, power driven, that close and open through the computer control system (manual override is standard equipment). This allows limited access for operators to specific shelves only.

15.   High security lockable enclosure for high risk items.

16.   Heated carousels – low temperature furnaces.

17.   Refrigerated carousels (-25°).

18.   Fire suppression equipment within the carousel to protect the stock, should a fire occur within the carousel or outside of it.

19.   Emergency power connection for power failures.

20.   Static electricity connection and earthing.

21.   Hand crank facility.

22.   Additional emergency stop buttons.

23.   Custom made cardboard tote bins.

24.   Custom made polypropylene “long life” ” tote bins.