STORaBIKE Bicycle Parking

– Patent Pending –

How do you take Bicycle & E-Bike Storage and Parking in to the 21st Century?

You install a STORaBIKE.

The STORaBIKE makes it easy, safe, secure and very convenient for a commuter who uses public transport to make the journey from home to bus stop or railway station, or even the ferry stop, by bicycle or e-bike.

Commuters know very well that their bicycles/e-bikes will be in safe keeping, no matter how long they leave their vehicles in the STORaBIKE facility, as this bicycle storage facility is like a ‘Vault’.

STORaBIKE is not just any bicycle or e-bike storage – it is a Smart Bicycle & E-Bike Storage and that is how it fits into the 21st century.

How ‘Smart’ is the STORaBIKE?

Very Smart!

The computer system on each STORaBIKE will log data relating to the usage of the facility. All User’s arrival times and departure times will be logged when they drop their bicycles/e-bikes off and pick their bicycles/e-bikes up.

This data will be collected for a period of 30 days, after which time the system will have collected enough information to establish a pattern for each commuter.

So why is this important? It is important in order to formulate the fastest and most efficient retrieval method for the commuter, so that the time taken to collect their bicycle/e-bike, helmet and belongings is absolutely minimised.

information collected will then be used by the STORaBIKE to formulate the most-likely collection
sequence in which the bicycles/e-bikes will be collected.

During the day, when there is little or no activity, that is, when there are few commuters using the facility, the collection sequence list is created, as it is based on the specific times that a commuter commonly collects the bicycle from the facility. This means that the first in line will generally have their bicycle positioned at the access door where collection and drop-off takes place.

When the commuter inserts his/her ID card into the slot, or utilises NFC (Near Field Communication) protocol on their smart phone (if functional), the bicycle will be delivered in just a couple of seconds.

It gets smarter though…

If commuters own a ‘Smart Phone’, they will be able to download a STORaBIKE application for their phone, which will take the bicycle/e-bike retrieval to a new level.

The data that has been collected already can be further used to make the commuter’s bicycle/e-bike accessibility even faster and more efficient. Once the app. has been installed on the commuter’s phone and activated, the phone will communicate with the STORaBIKE, enabling the computer system to work out when the commuter is returning to the STORaBIKE facility for bicycle/e-bike collection.

As the commuter gets closer to the storage facility, the computer system will queue all returning commuters from nearest to furthest and then, when the commuter approaches the facility and is very close, only within X meters from the system, the bicycle will already be waiting behind the collection point access door.

The commuter glances over his/her phone and the App. displays the Door Number at which the commuter’s bicycle/e-bike is already waiting, so all the commuter needs to do is insert the ID card at that specific door, or utilise NFC (Near Field Communication) protocol on their smart phone (if functional) by presenting the phone at the reader and ‘Voi-la!’ – there is the bicycle/e-bike.

This process is repeated time after time, thus enabling every smart phone owner to enjoy this ‘Smart Method’ of bicycle/e-bike retrieval.