Company Profile

Prevon Vertical Carousels is an Australian company whose employees have some 32 years experience in the design and manufacture of vertical carousels and automated retrieval systems, but more importantly, the company representatives have the necessary skills to provide the ultimate solutions to all materials handling problems, and can consequently select the most appropriate configuration of the vertical carousel – automated storage system for the application.

Many of our vertical carousel innovations are at the leading edge of vertical carousel design, especially the advancements made to our ms windows based software, which is now in high demand due to its very user friendly nature, and the flexibility of operation that users can enjoy, as well as the very high efficiency of operation that it promotes in a work environment when coupled to a Prevon vertical carousel.

Company Mission

We at Prevon Vertical Carousels are committed to designing, manufacturing and supplying the most functional and efficient vertical carousel – automated storage system in the world, vertical carousels that can be readily integrated into any work environment and thus be of a real cost benefit to the user.