Systems Options & Safety

"Smart Packing Bench" used for simultaneous picking of multiple orders.

Talk Pack software enabling operator to pick faster, as he/she has no need to constantly view the screen, since the various details relating to the picks are announced to the operator.

Automated security gates (power driven), enabling the operator to only access one tote bin at a time in the carousel .

Automated doors (power driven) for security, enabling access to one carrier at a time.

Automatic fire suppression.

Depth position indication.

Multiple access points.

Heated or refrigerated carousels.

Large displays for required quantity.



The ROTA-STOR 2000 Vertical Carousel safety systems are highly developed.

A safety light curtain is installed, covering the whole of the aperture of the carousel, thus protecting the operator from any accidental injury.

Infra red safety beams – one at the top, and one at the bottom, of the aperture – protect the product from accidental damage should any tote bin or loose component be protruding past the edge of the shelf, when the carousel commences its rotation.