Prevon solves storage problems and bicycle parking issues

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No More Space In Your Warehouse? Having Stock Control Problems?

If you are experiencing problems that relate to materials handling and/or parts management, then we at Prevon Vertical Carousels can provide a solution to your dilemma by using our super-efficient, space-saving, materials management system.

The computer controlled *ROTA-STOR 2000* Vertical Carousel is the most efficient storage and retrieval system of its kind today.

If you need to store parts efficiently and have complete control over them, then the Prevon Vertical Carousel is your solution. Its advanced inventory control software, interfaced to your computer system, will have you smiling at the end of each working day.

As the system is computer controlled, the efficiency that can be attained is 99.98%, when the installation is correctly assessed in detail at the beginning of the project by the Prevon Vertical Carousels engineers.